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Loan Offerings by Dubai Banks in 2020

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For expatriates in UAE, I would say having your own home isn’t a big deal now. Still, you are confusing wit this statement then approach any bank and get the latest offers and updates. If you have a good credit history, then you can easily avail of the facility of home loans. Open a current account in any private or public sector bank which is most suitable in terms and conditions and apply for a loan. Through the best personal finance in UAE, I must say one should get the benefit of a loan and try to manage their own home. Most of the expatriates live in UAE in rental apartments and it’s really hard to pay a big portion of salary for rents and other duties.

From the list of banks, you can choose any recommended bank according to the services it has been providing to its customers. Read the complete guidelines and interest rate charged on a specific package. You can also get each and everything about the customer's services through online portals. Having a smartphone in hand is how an account holder can remain in touch at any time for detailed information about current loan offers.

At a broader level, two major options are categories for the ease of outsiders.

  • Get the Islamic home loan UAE without any interest rate
  • Get the conventional loan with a fixed interest rate

These two options work under two different banking systems and both are quite useful according to a specific customer. Always keep one thing in mind that UAE provides the best banking solutions that are equally adopted by foreign investors and account holders. These world-class banking facilities are available to locals with complete ease of money and time. besides this, a team of highly professional financial experts is always available at a specific bank to provide a complete package of guidance about the loan offerings.

In 2020, we have a list of best deals for expatriates in terms of personal loan and home loan. Although Islamic banks are more popular than conventional banks in UAE due to majority of the expatriates who are working with these systems, but still a large number of international traders used the conventional banking systems. This is the most critical and important point to be noted because you can only take your final decision in the light of this discussion.

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